Meet Steve Robbins


Steve Robbins is the founder and president of RobbinsNest Ministries—a non-profit organization that exists to advance Christian spiritual formation in pastors and churches around the world. He also co-pastors Rivera First Baptist Church in Southern California and is the author of four books: Transforming Pastors: Spiritual Guidance through the Labyrinth of Leadership (Resource Publications, 2016), The Cord - a novel (Resource Publications, 2015), Transforming Habits: Spiritual Guidance through the Sermon on the Mount (Wipf & Stock, 2009), and Transforming Beliefs: Spiritual Guidance through the Apostles’ Creed (Wipf & Stock, 2006).

"RobbinsNest Ministries has the grace of being overseen by someone who has spent years looking into the matters of spiritual disciplines and how they relate to spiritual growth. It really is not just enough to stagger along, trying to find something that will help here and something that will help there. The history of the church is full of rich wisdom about all these matters. Steve Robbins is a person who has actually studied this at great length and has written on it and has put it into practice in his own life. And, therefore, his supervision of not only the operation but the individuals who come into RobbinsNest Ministries is, I believe, going to be significant for the future of ministry in this area.”

—Dallas Willard