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Theology by itself is not wisdom. Doctrine is not automatically knowledge. What constitutes wisdom and knowledge is an interactive relationship with God, a life that abides in His presence and takes on His character. Stephen W. Robbins states in the Preface, "My intention for writing this book is not to merely transfer information from my brain to yours. How sad would that be! I want to help you be a transformed (not just an informed) believer."

Transforming Beliefs presents an accessible and straightforward study of the Apostles' Creed. Each chapter addresses one of the affirmations in this statement of faith and concludes with a set of questions and exercises. Designed to help you advance in Christian spiritual formation, this study (1) focuses and expands your vision of who God is and what life looks like in His immediately available kingdom, (2) builds your intention to love God and neighbor in everyday life, and (3) provides you with useful means to do this on your spiritual pilgrimage.

Whether you read it on your own or in a small group, this study of the Apostles' Creed provides spiritual guidance for your journey on the road of transformation.

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