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RobbinsNest hosts several different kinds of events and ministries in order to meet the needs of pastors, churches, and Christian leaders that wish to develop an ongoing, interactive, ever-deepening relationship with the triune God.

One on One

One-to-One Mentoring

RobbinsNest provides one-to-one mentoring for both new and seasoned pastors. Spiritual guidance takes place through interactive listening and teaching, personalized prayer and encouragement.

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Monthly cohort groups
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Monthly Cohort Groups

RobbinsNest leads monthly cohort groups for pastors and Christian leaders. These intentional times allow leaders to cultivate relationships with each other while focusing on their own spiritual journey. Each “B.e. Pastors” small group chooses its level of involvement: 

  1. Topic discussion

  2. Topic discussion + book discussion

  3. Topic discussion + book discussion + ministry project (two-year certificate program)

Retreats and seminars

Retreats and Seminars

RobbinsNest leads retreats and seminars throughout the year, both by hosting annual events like the “B.e. Formed” seminar in October and the Pastors’ Retreat in January, and by facilitating special events requested by pastors, churches, and parachurch organizations.

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